Friday, October 15, 2010

Water think about it Blog action day

Well today is blog action day this years theme is water heres my thoughts.

 Weve all the seen the amazing scenes of Chilean miners being rescued this week . But the most thought provoking was little 500ml water bottle being fed down the supply tube to the miners to keep them alive .

Clean safe water in one of the driest places on earth the Atacama desert contrast with recent flooding in Pakistan with millions of people surround by billions of litres of flood water and it all being unsafe to drink . So when you clean your teeth have a drink just think .
Providing safe water isnt a luxury lets make it a right.

watch some the videos to why you should get involved

Plus if you do one thing just read this blog post from Neil Winton and pupils at Perth Academy where he teaches . Great example of young people helping other congratulations to the pupils and especially the pupils that pitched the idea read the great story.


mrs green @ myzerowaste said...

HI Andy

I just wanted to come and say Hi from a fellow UK Blog action day blogger!

I completely agree with you about making safe water a right, not a privilege - it's a sobering thought that we have something we take for granted while others struggle to stay alive.

Have a wonderful day!

Mrs Green @myzerowaste

Neil Winton said...

Hi Andy,
Thanks for your very kind comments and linkage! I will share with the pupils when we get back to school after the October break.