Thursday, October 14, 2010

History of the world 100th object revealed

OK its a solar cell charging array and a lamp but a mobiles in there to. Not everyone choice but interesting one none the less.
A solar-powered lamp and charger
I quote from the site

It has allowed millions of people to meet and study outside daylight hours in developing countries - and was less dangerous than kerosene lamps.

It could also point the way towards a more sustainable source of power for the future.

Including the mobile phone was "a bit of cheat", he said, but the charger "also gave the mobile phone to the world".

"These mobile phones are changing the world - giving the poor in the world access to money.

"It is the credit card in large parts of Africa and South Asia, it can be bought in any market in Africa," he said.

The mobile and mobile power supply from solar or other means does change the world.

The irony of mobile telecoms companies usurping the banks in parts of the world as way of moving money around in the aftermath of the global banking crisis is not lost on me .

Oh and by the way Apple ,Android fans its a Nokia!

Interesting choice of objects


Richard Millwood said...

Of course it is a Nokia - this is history isn't it? :)

andy black said...

HeHe but history does have habit of repeating itself ;-)