Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mr Trinder take a bow QR code links

qr code leading to this post
Thanks to my Glasgow correspondent ( alongside me we run the cynics column) John Trinder for providing some great links for those finding interest in QR codes (where have you been for the last four years). Yes they are going to be big yes even the Americans get them ( only joking) and the Japanese have been using them actively for years .

If Coca Cola use them in a promotion campaign they must be pretty mainstream

more qr generators

For business card stuff

and big list of em

Yep there useful no there not the be all and end all . if you want to get some ideas do qr codes Japan or similar as a web search you will find a novel range of uses a lot around marketing of course .


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this; a few links I hadn't found in my trawl for information about QR Codes. Here are a few links to my work on QR Codes if you and your readers are interested?

QR Codes: It’s not all about the phone you know -

QR Codes: In the Classroom -

Hope this helps.

All the best, David

andy black said...

no worries David good to see them getting wider press there not a panacea but just another tool in the tool kit.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your sharing of the links for those finding interest in QR codes.Your blog is written very well and full of interesting.Hoping to see more.