Friday, March 30, 2007

Becta Content Developers' Bulletin: Issue 26, March 2007

this maybe of interest I include a summary of contents below so if your interested go and download it. Also subscribe the excellent technews while your there.

This bulletin is also available to download from the Becta website

In this edition:

1. News headlines
*Funding guidance for schools and local authorities 2007 - 8
*Making accessible software: rising to the challenge

2. Focus on... forums and discussion groups (part 1 of 2)

3. Education updates

3.1 Schools
*Secondary curriculum review
*Younger pupils to learn foreign languages
*Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework
*Report on the impact of ICT in Europe
*QCA's new teacher assessment activities
*QCA research: role play in primary learning

3.2 Post-16 and 14-19
*JISC e-assessment report
*Web 2.0 - TechWatch report
*Assessment 2.0

3.3 SEN and inclusion
*TechDis launches HEAT2 funding programme

4. Technical news
*March TechNews out now
*Becta Thin Client report
*New Linux standards group
*Tool for converting MS Office documents to ODF
*Intel playground-proof laptop

5. General news
*Emerging technologies for learning, Volume 2
*QCA research into learner motivation
*National Year of Reading announced for 2008
*DfES funding to boost after-school science clubs
*Becta's current research
*'Made IT Happen' competition

6. Events
*Enhancing learning; virtual worlds, simulations and game based learning seminar
*e-Access '07
*Education 2007 - Excellence for all
*ALT-C: Beyond control

7. Feedback and unsubscription information

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