Saturday, March 31, 2007

Sign of increasing mainstream of m learning special journal;

This call for papers for special journal edition makes me think my prediction that m learning is going mainstream is correct

Call for papers: Emerging Mobile Learning Environments for Industries and Pedagogies

A special issue of International Journal of Mobile Learning and Organisation

Mobile learning (m-learning) is the acquisition of knowledge and skills by using mobile technologies anywhere and anytime. M-learning covers a wide range of possible domains by the convergence of emerging mobile technologies such as wireless communication infrastructure and mobile devices, and mobile applications such as online learning tools and mobile connectivity.

The subject coverage of this special issue includes, but is not limited to:

  • Effective design of m-learning environments
  • Emerging mobile technologies such as wireless network and mobile devices that directly facilitate learning
  • Application of m-learning systems in industries (such as personalised dietary information, quitting smoking programs through mobile devices in healthcare industry)
  • Application of m-learning systems in learning institutions (e.g. online Master’s programs)
  • Development of m-learning tools for in-classroom teaching and learning
  • Supply chain and value chain on m-learning
  • Currently implemented m-learning applications
  • Studies of mobile learning in practice
  • Reviews of the application of m-learning in multiple contexts
  • Uses of m-learning in mobile commerce learning environments
  • Human computer interaction issues in m-learning
  • Mobile games for learning
  • M-learning in classroom
  • Support for interaction among mobile learners
  • Mobile collaborative learning
  • Privacy and security issues and requirements in m-learning
  • Comparison of m-learning with e-learning applications
  • Assessment of m-learning in multiple contexts
  • Critical success factors for mobile learning diffusion
  • Cross-cultural mobile learning issues
  • Knowledge management and learning strategies in mobile organisations
  • M-learning data warehouse and data mining
  • M-learning enterprise systems
  • Field-based m-learning
  • M-learning software development

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