Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Talking about TXTing there raving about !!

First Txt messaging in education conference in Europe
ome of my regular readers will know I quite like SMS as a reliable simple technology. Well got to admit I better not use the word simple any more. I am currently at the lets talk about txt event at Leeds school of music. Put together by https://www.txttools.co.uk/ without a salesman in sight
seen some brilliant stuff by Mick Mullane of Yorkshire Coast college who is doing great stuff using a combination of RSS, moodle ,sms in a compelling mix see what the college are doing using moodle http://moodle.ycoastco.ac.uk/
great video in the session

Ray Lawrence from how to moodle gave a great over view of moodle.

gave brisk talk through of what moodle is and also outlined a good description of open source. He made me aware of some great stats of registered moodle sites. total number registered sites world wide number 23244

Dr Kevin Lynch school of history at Leeds Uni gave a compelling reasoning how he is uses sms with other technologies to engage with learners. talked with great thought from a teaching and learning perspective and institutional view point.

Jim Busher of City college Brighton and Hove students service Management gave a really pragmatic up to date view of how they use sms to support students.

Judith Hennessey and Deborah Pinder of Norton College Sheffield
Gave a great of how they are deploying SMS to support activity in college.
A great example of doing simple things to benefit learners and for the college. classic general FE

  • varied group of learners
  • wide range of programmes
  • Learners unable to meet as a larger group to develop community
  • seen as one way of promoting virtual
Started with A/S foundation students who were both new to college and a pick and mix varied timetable.

Alan Southwell Salisbury colleges e-learning manager
gave a simple no nonsense approach of how they are using the technology . They are using moodle and are looking at installing the moodletxt in moodle they're chosen learning platform.
Interesting attendance monitoring . great virtual interview with the colleges students attendance officer

A added plus point was also meeting Leon Cynch who was covering the event with his video camera. Look forward to the result Leon.

initial reflections
  • Great workshop pragmatic and delightful mix HE & FE
  • The diversity of approaches
  • Honesty of what worked and what did not
  • SMS is being used in many ways I hadnt even thought of


Lisa said...

Don't forge to mention the keynote Andy! It was a great day, really innovative, creative and inspiring.

andy black said...

Thanks Lisa for the kind words it was a good day wasnt it !!