Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Resource to help inform new builds in HE and FE

If your interested in new builds in colleges or University or even cross fertilzation with Building Schools for the Future (BSF) Well done JISC Infonet a great resource to support news builds and refurbishment in the FE and HE sector

Learning space design and development is becoming a hot topic as our colleges and universities seek to provide 21st century learning facilities, and technology has a vital role to play in this. Significant amounts of funding are being invested both by the funding bodies and by institutions investing hard-earned surpluses in their estates.

what's also great is they are using Flickr to host photos images of new build ideas and tagging them and using notes and hot spots well done !!!

I also discovered a resource from Scottish funding council through Jisc Infonets website.

"The Scottish Funding Council has also published Spaces for Learning. These reports have provided a sound basis for the continuing exploration by FE and HE institutions of new possibilities for learning space provision."

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