Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Computers move sparks college student protest ( a tale of three ways of collecting information)

Thanks To Kevin Donovan for inspiring this posting and a learning opportunity for me .

Read the article kevin pointed out to me from paper copy of Liverpool daily post. learners do care about access to ICT.
What was interesting was how I got various copies of the article

1) I took a picture with my new Nokia 6234 . Which for first attempt wasnt bad and I bluetoothed it to my laptop.

2)Googled it and got the link

3)Kevin Bless him scanned it and emailed me it from home.

Now it is an interesting article but how I collected the images information was a learning journey in itself.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the name check, Andy! Yes, interesting for all sorts of reasons, including that younger students are clearly now attached umbilically to their technology and colleges are still not wonderful about communication. And digital technology is amazing!