Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Are you seriously Mobile ???

Mobile learning and mobile Internet explored at Seriously Mobile Summit 20 April


"Mobile internet, working in real time and supporting mobile workforce capability is the theme for this year's summit. We have assembled several of the world's top mobile learning experts to lead the event, including speakers from Ericsson, Giunti Labs and Reuters, three organizations that are leading the way in mobile learning and mobile Internet technology" said Ron Edwards, organizer of the Seriously Mobile Summit and one of its keynote presenters.

2007 Theme: The Mobile Internet: Working in Real Time

Supporting Mobile Workforce Capability
“Creativity is no longer about which companies have the most visionary executives, but which have the most compelling architecture of participation. That is, which companies make it easy, interesting and rewarding for a wide range of contributors to offer ideas, solve problems and improve products” - Tim O’Reilly, O’Reilly Media

We will explore:

  • Trends - business, cultural, technologies and how people are increasingly mobile
    • Physically - Travelling to work, clients, suppliers, between offices, Hot Desking, and 'Smart Working' - blending home and office based work
    • Mentally - Between teams, colleagues, their networks, volunteer work, personal/family, education
  • Individual needs
    • Instant access to context-based information and each other.
    • People want to stay informed, connected, capable and productive
  • Organisational needs
    • Agility; the ability to sense what is happening or needs to happen and react effectively.
      • Technology helps organisations tap in to what their “front line” is hearing and experiencing. It enables instant communication and collaboration to build context and meaning from developments.
      • Technology based products are evolving so fast there is a need to keep people up-to-speed on the changes while providing the right amount of training and support that doesn’t inhibit employee productivity.
    • Building a culture of innovation
      • It is often the most experienced and best networked/connected that are the most mobile. How do you continuously engage them to contribute to innovation? • How do you engage people at all levels in an organisation to tap in to creativity and ideas for growth? • The term Architecture of Participation describes the combination of enabling tools (often referred to as social media or web 2.0), culture and practices of organisation
  • Leading Edge Mobile Technologies and Implementation Strategies
link to event here

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