Wednesday, April 11, 2007

RSS 2 to PDF free ATOM feeds conversion converts RSS2PDF

Thanks to Ivan for posting this as comment to earlier blog posting impressed Ivan very neat !!!

RSS 2 to PDF free ATOM feeds conversion converts RSS2PDF: "Flexta takes a fresh approach to information publishing with RSS2.
In simple terms, RSS2 can convert multiple RSS and ATOM feeds into a single, consolidated PDF file without the need for expensive software, computer programming, or complicated RSS readers."


Anonymous said...

Not too impressed.

My original RSS2PDF site at, which has been online since July of 2005, offers additional features such as OPML 2 PDF, RSS autodiscovery (just type in the URL of a website, RSS2PDF will find all of its feeds), Flickr 2 PDF, plugins for Google, Desktop RSS2PDF, etc..

Try the original RSS 2 PDF webservice:

New features are being added all the time, and an update is presently in the works !


Tom Churm
Developer Guy
RSS 2 PDF (the original !)

andy black said...

Hi all two sites to look at and decide which suits your needs best !