Thursday, April 19, 2007

One laptop per Child moving into top gear

I was lucky enough to meet Mary Lou Jepsen at Mlearn2006 in Alberta I sat down next to her at breakfast !!!Mary is a leading part of the one laptop per child project team .It has the weirdest homepage but its the initiative that everybody has talked about knocked praised and it really is beginning to happen.

they're is some really long but good video on the project at

some really interesting results of trialling in Nigeria

And from karlfich blog
a great quote for those that said they would'nt do it

Oh, and they're hoping to ship 10 million of them this year, 50-100 million next year.

Move over XBOX 360 as biggest product roll out in history

Plus my own thought mesh technology is the future !!!

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Anonymous said...

I want that lovely wrap around interface on my apple