Thursday, April 26, 2007

Ewan Mcintosh speaking in London

Having Derek Robertson of learning and teaching Scotland speak at the Becta serious games event last Tuesday in Birmingham I have by sheer chance got an opportunity to see his partner in crime fellow crusader for education Ewan Mcintosh speak at this first Tuesday event organised by Redhouse Media . Link to redhouse and therefirst Tuesday events here

The little abstract is interesting enough see below:


Ewan McIntosh

Educational Technologist

Learning and Teaching Scotland Futures

year, 16-year-olds who know little about life before the Internet and
email will enter the workforce. Ewan McIntosh is an experienced teacher
and a recognised authority on new media and technology in the
classroom. He’ll lead a session on how understanding the interests of
IT-savvy teenagers will be critical if businesses and the government
are to get the best out of the next generation of worker.

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