Friday, April 06, 2007

RSS to PDF revisited with interesting add ons

I first blogged this back in November 2005 ( have I really been blogging that long!) its had some nice features added since then including support for flickr photo stream

The original RSS to PDF tool can be found at
great tool i think I will add it to my sidebar links in coming weeks.


Iván Melgrati said...

Hi to everyone!!!
I've been working on a new website,, which aims at providing webmasters a tool for providing their sites' RSS feeds as a PDF document. It allows aggregating up to 5 feeds into a single PDF document. You can even choose the font for the PDF. The site also offers tools for adding this capability to any website, much like rss2pdf does but with several advantages over it.

Kind regards,

Anonymous said...

great stuff ivan will blog your site next week when back from leave. currently blogging from my mobile .

Anonymous said...
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