Saturday, October 06, 2007

British Sign Language on the IPOD Touch

Excuse the awful picture video quality . This post shows how I have taken two or three BSL sign off the QIA site

I have downloaded them as quicktime clips loaded them into i-tunes converted them in I-tunes for the ipod video format and synched them with the ipod touch
Image one shows three signs on the device . Image shows two shows of signs mid display

and the movie shows whole operation

excuse the quality but respect the concept. The signs are free to download so how about we get permission to do an i-tunes store it migh look something like this !!


Anonymous said...

Very useful, Andy - thanks! We're doing more communication wellbeing work with the staff in a school for Deaf children. Some of the staff are Deaf and I think they might find the site useful.

andy black said...

got some others sites I can send you email me at