Wednesday, October 10, 2007

TV is Dead channel 4

Alice Taylor commisionig new media chaneel 4
Stuart Prebble managing director liberty bell
Andrew Chitty managing director Illumina digital
simon Sadhu president co founder imperial entrepreneurs

Channel 4 hosting the idea that DV is dead . working on the principal that the rise of new media is challenging TV. Current TV is allowing user to generate there own content and getting viewers online the chance to rate the quality of clips the most popular clips get bought and shown on sky and virgin . in 12 million homes.

Also looking at concept of aggregator sites with targeted advertising narrow step is an agregator

also mentioned the idea of TV and computers merging google tv is it coming . The lean back which is watching on tv rather than lean forward watching on computer .

choice may be a killer so trusted brands maybe act as a filter to cut the Cr^p,

The idea is total number of viewers will remin the same but but will shift in time and be an overall community but one seperatated by time and space

world war craft famlies dropped from 27 hours to 7 hours and people play 21hours on world of warcraft .

Andrew Chitty talked loads of sense as usual . suggesting that young people arent neccesarily the biggest users of broadband . older people are more people online. He expounded the of pubic publishers rather than public broadcasting ..

In the Q & A one of the young people talked about online and TV combining to give a 360 experience

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