Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Mick Mullane of Yorkshire Coast College Podcasts from Mlearn2007 in Melbourne

Mick is presenting at Mlearn and bless him he is podcasting about the conference in general.

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great interviews although a dodgy one by me to kick it off.

Good on you Mick. Got any photo's Mick !!


Anonymous said...

Hi Andy

Just letting you know that I have added the feed for your blog to my site that is pulling together all the feeds I can find on the mlearn 2007 conference. I hope that is okay? If not, let me know.

Yes Mick is taking lots of photos. Not sure where he has put them. But do have some feeds of the photos from Flickr on the same page so you can check them out if you want.

PS Been watching UMPC implementation closely myself.


andy black said...

Sue great stuff glad you found the blog useful. Thinking about doing a vote on UMPC's on my blog over the next few weeks !!!