Friday, October 05, 2007

Why Dont YOU !! The Cubie !!!

Why Dont You !!
As some of you know I am gigging at Futurelabs forthcoming conference "Why Dont You!" 30-31 October at immarasat Conference centre in London

Doing a workshop called

BLOG OFF: these Web 2.0 tools will never make it into the learner

Much has been made of learners being
so deeply embroiled in technology that they see it as commonplace, neutral and
invisible. We call it ‘Web 2.0’, they use it without thinking. Teachers are
failing to keep pace with awareness of this technology, never mind incorporating
it into their practice. This workshop involves a rapid tour of some Web 2.0
tools that are already used by learners, and examines issues such as the
barriers to teaching staff deploying these tools to support learning. The
session also gives participants a chance to create artefacts.

But what's really cool as part of the marketing they have sent out a assemble yourself cube with the programme on it

Well my children loved it see the flickr slideshow below or the link to the splashr one below it


BTW isnt splashr cool find out more at

I when in the office saw at least four cube around the office . Whats really cool is Dan Sutch "Crusader of the creative side" of Futurelab is going to run a competition getting people to email in photos of where they put their cubes.
Could this be the rubics cube of 2007 who knows but watch out for the competition.

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