Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Handheld Learning is go

Well its here and the bad news is the seminar on the Molenet project has been withdrawn by LSN team at short notice .

The great news is by serendipity is that I have been asked to chair the pre conference session on Mobile Applications because sponsor jujitsu Siemens haven't turned :

Maths Amigo by Kate Hudson of Valiant Technology
Great approach that according to Kate and the american government is making a real difference with learners.

Wildkey using handheld GPS for data collection and field trips.

first time I've seen this approach demonstrated and frankly I was impressed !! Back to my green environment routes. The integration of gps,User Collected Content (a new phrase ?)and teacher designed activity. The idea of using the authoring tool to design content in other areas outside education maybe training sector was new to me and I am going to investigate further.

Sums Online by Dave Mcall designing handheld games that motivate learners and satisfy teachers.
Seems to be a really learner orientated product that learners love and teachers understand and can work with is great !!

Hebron Mc Neish demonstrating Red Halo

First time I have see Red Halo demostrated and Hebron showed the product well and I loved the way he showed how you can access the product using a range of devices, Devices such as a Nintendo DS, UMPC and Nintendo DS and a Wii

Dewe Llyods showing the tool synchronise.
First time I have seen a live demo . Again a very brave and successful presentation with a vast range of devices in the audience six at my counting. The ability for learners to interact with teachers and each other via synchronise and their device.


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