Friday, September 21, 2007

EPICT conference future trends in learning

Mobile Learning and Online Communication

The normal caveat my view of what’s happening and its probably wrong. This is many way showcases excellent work that others are going to talk about

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1.1 Switch IT off


PC pro ran a campaign this year investigating the amountof cash wasted through PC's being left on overnight.

It was quite suprising,

if you leave a pc on overnight it will quickly consume 1kWh of energy, meaning you are needlessly spending more than £35 per year. And do not think that putting it into standby will help: we found one PC that consumed 78W in this mode, only reducing the wastage to about £25.

If your college has 100 pc's that's possibly £3500/year

AS well as saving cash, the scheme is approved by the carbon trust, as helping to reduce CO2 emmisions.


1.2.1 Battery powered printer

Flexibility in delivery and assessment.

The advent of online testing for keyskills, and various other assessments can make a difference. The city and guilds online testing facility allows the test to be downloaded and put on a laptop and carried out to the workplace taking the test to the user. A portable printer powered by Lion battery pack means provisional results can be given instantly.

1.2.2 Battery projection device

you don't believe me ???

1.2.3 Fuel Cells

Forget the miniature vodka shots you will be carrying alcohol to top up your laptop. Fuel cells are going to be appearring very soon . The much vaunted $100 laptop using wind up technology will have spin offs elsewhere .Intel are also talking of parrallel product educational $100 device


2.1 Tablets

New software that is ink enabled turning up all the time Reg Microsoft one note, Agile Go binder, Blackboard backpack. see Becta tablet PC evaluation

Power toys from Microsoft for tablet:


1) slate

2) laptop plus keyboard . The days of tablet being less powerful than laptop are long gone


UltraMobile PC 's heres two I made earlier,,1856508,00.html?gusrc=rss&feed=20

Q1 by samsung with added USB Keyboard (theyre tablets to)

UMPC 650 by Remtech

2.3Handheld device

As with UMPC couple of places to stay in touch if you know the future let me know

Is it Portable Digital Assistnat PDA or Education Digital assistant EDA

or is it an

Join PDA in education jiscmail list


I have seen the future and its Apple !!

2.4Memory Sticks

wireless usb memory is coming

2.5Games machines


2 million devices in the UK by Christmas 5 million by Easter !!

with WiFI ability to run flash and browser capability

2.5.2Nintendo DS


2.6MP3 Players

IPOD released 2001 by September 2007 110 million world wide !!

stuff seen Glasgow yesterday link here

2.7Wireless projectors


3.1Wi FI




Spanish firm Fon could change the model very Wi Fi 2.0

3.23 G

It isn't cheap but neither is paying for one off wireless hotspots. In major centre works well and most provincial towns have coverage

3.3Wi Max

WiMax will cover most of the UK witih two to three year . Intel trialling with University. Several city wide trials of wimax and mesh wireless technology being talked off

3.4GSM Edge

See document: happy-birthday-gsm-network.html


Bluetooth 1 10Metres

Bluetooth 2 100metres

4social software




A shared resource of web page allowing multiple users to edit


Wiki spaces



RSS = Really Simple Syndication (20th May 2006)

Web feeds

a push technology linked with stuff like

you can read feeds in live book marks in Firefox, , RSS reader in Google.

my bloglines are public


Downloads of MP3 was definitely the emerging technology in education of 2004/2005 Podcasting was the emerging technology of 2005/2006

4.5.1 St Johns Podcast

Downloads of MP3 was definitely the emerging technology in education of 2005 Podcasting is the emerging technology of 2006 . Saint Johns Ambulance have even done simple First Aid advice as podcasts . Look out for More and The Ferl website at becta is going to be doing a trial podcast in the new year



my photo's


4.7Face book

the UK now has 5.2m Facebook users


MySpace has cracked the 10 million user mark in the UK, meaning more people have put a profile up than drink bitter, according to the social networking website.,,2122397,00.html


See document: get_video.flv

5SMS phenomena

UK 4.5 billion text messages sent in March !!!

The majority of the now 2.5+ billion mobile subscribers are located in developing countries. This is a stunning new kind of event for our planet: the dominance of leading edge technology is emerging from marginalises places. That has not happened before, particularly on the enormous scale of the mobiles.

Pupils at a school in Buckinghamshire have been getting extra help with GCSE revision by texting their teachers. Far from banning mobile phones, Cottesloe School in Wing has decided to turn modern technology to its advantage in an attempt to improve results. Since Easter, Year 11 pupils have been able to message teachers from home with revision queries and get a text answer. The school said “text mentoring” had also seen teachers messaging pupils with revision prompts and exam tips.



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