Monday, September 24, 2007

wireless power holly grail gets nearer

This sounds very very hopeful good old engadget keeing usd bang up to date !!


Anonymous said...

Ummm and when will on the market. this is yet anothe small outfit claiming wild efficiency figures (I bet end to end efficiency will be less than 40%).

Epson/Murata have announced something similar. They have the market weight to get this moving into a range of their ofn products. Hope some of the smaller fish have some key patent technology to enable them to make some money out of their work.

Anonymous said...

just read the comment, there is also a company called Splashpower developing similar technology, they have been around for years now but stiil no product. Anyone out there know what there doing, where there at and if anything is coming to the market?

Anonymous said...


just googled wireless, there is also pwrmat, ecoupled and wildcharge (the latter is a contact based system not wireless, but very similar). All seem to have product also, but no hardware on the market yet.

Saw the Epson/murata stuff. Seiko is also involved. Sounds interesting but poster 1, I think the efficiency thing will be the killer. I bet you need a wall wart to power the charging surface!

Unknown said...

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