Friday, September 21, 2007

GOOGLE Presentation

Excuse the shouting I published a dodgy powerpoint of bad shots of Apple touch etc and Apple store in Glasgow on Google docs this morning I was surprised that I could. I then mention the to my fellow e enthusiast Rob Englebright and discovered they only launched it today been back a realise you can also create presentations in google docs and export them as zipped html to play locally !!! WOW WOW!!

Dont get me wrong its far from fully functioing powerpoint but with integration with google docs still quite cool!!!! Excuse the dodgy first attempt !!!


geoff said...

cool - and it even looks like you have some collaboration tools at the side as well!

andy black said...

you can even use google talk it looks like got to be worth a play at Stansted airport late on Friday getting bus home after great end to week in Scotland.

Dannno said...
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Dannno said...

and already being used/investigated by some leading teachers/educationalists


(previous post deleted because hyperlink was wrong - can't you edit these comments!!)

andy black said...

Thanks Danno great resource which blog/source did it come from !!!