Saturday, September 22, 2007

Handheld 2007 Mark Van Hooft presenting twice !!

Just back from Mobile and wirless'ing Glasgow and picked up through my feeds Mark Van Hoot is coming to Handheld. Mark is a really well respected member of the e-learning communitiy and he has view on things. Marks blog is worth a read you may not like what he says all the time but you should read it. Another great hit for Handheld2007 getting more excited !!!! How sad is that !!! 10,11,12th October 2007. BTW Mark mentions two sites were discount codes can be found .

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Mark van 't Hooft said...

Funny spelling of my last name, that's got to be a first, and I've seen it spelled a million different ways. Maybe the fact that I "Hoot" makes me wise like an owl? ;)

Mark van 't Hooft