Tuesday, September 18, 2007

TeachMeet007, Scottish learning festival and EPICT conference

Lucky enough to be going on a bit of a Scottish Fest over next few days:-

First of All In the wild arranged on behalf of Channel 4 by Steve Moore of policy unplugged on Wednesday afternoon .

Secondly Swiftly followed on by TeachMeet07 early evening thanks to Ewan Mactintosh and Merlin for suggesting this. I am doing a 7 minute presentation called Andy Black unplugged I will be showing a range of ultra mobile device s other gadgets and a range of approaches http://wiki.scotedublogs.org.uk/index.php/TeachMeet07#Seven_minute_micropresentations

Thirdly a busmans holiday of a day at the Scottish learning Festival. http://www.ltscotland.org.uk/sett/

Last and not least a workshop at the Epict conference on Mobile Learning and Online Communication http://www.epict.co.uk/conference.php

No sleep till friday !!!!! Bring it on !!!!! Oh yes and of course I will blog it !!!!