Thursday, September 20, 2007

OK eat my hat or is it eat my apple !!!


Well I have seen the promised land today courtesy of colleagues at Steljes and Apple . Steljes showed me the iPOD touch the wifi enabled ipod on steroids . Its lovely seamless the problem of using a finger as a stylus isnt one !! The zoom function the ability for device change page orientation if you just turn it through 90,180 degree. The browser experience the WiFI. Yep its a nice device .

Then the apple guys showed me an eye ok its not 3G yet it will come !!!! Its going to fly out the shops and issues relating to connectivity costs will slow its flight but not much !!

The touch I love the iphone looks good . The battery life also seems amazing on both !!!

Apple have just lobbed a hand-grenade in the device market watch other manufacturers come back at them.

To coin a phrase "Incoming" and FJR (flack jacket required) it going to exciting. As I predicted at the start of the year this is the year mobile learning goes mainstream and Apple have just injected a wave of Tsunami type proportions !!!

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AJ Cann said...

I take it you like these then ;-)