Wednesday, September 19, 2007

In the wild blogging on speed Ewan Mc Intosh snacking on media !!

Ewan Mcintosh

session on snacking on media as always good value with some old favourites but with the usual creativity . The world has changed and suggesting whats wrong with snacking.

The cup stacking video as always excellent value and he figures of 300,000 views for the video , cup stacking will never catch on !!!!

the vision of kids trying failing and retrying the task to get better is there a metaphor for motivation . Failure being a driver to try harder rather than giving up . Can digital media user generated content and user generated comments 8000 comments to a you tube video how many learners get that degree of comment on there academic work.
Ewans example from colleagues who took a school trip to the battlefields of France and the learners didnt use the specially set up blog but used there existing space on Bebo and my space .
With really deep comments on the enormity that is the battlefield experience from some learners .

His thought is we shouldn't invade there space:
using there medium to communicate with people that matter there peers
Using tools to collaborate and produce product there proud of . Often with extreme effort and getting on with people they dont get on with .
also stressed the fact that blogging and gaming is spreading across all phases of education .

great to see Ewan show the work of Andy Pulman working with HE students link here improving numeracy using packages on nintendo DS contrasting with Derek Robertson similar work with primary schools ( two outfits connected by Andy).

Ewans parting shot of learning from their space their space being widgetised not webtised .

organised chaos
Life is a list
Stretching time spending longer online than at school

you can snack on media and still get a wholesome diet

Man discovered things by revealing a pattern in nature .

poor blogging on my part going to edit this out later .

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