Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Molenet Launch

Back from Molenet launch event at the Oval www.molenet.org great event. Met loadfs of great new people and some really good old friends.


Dan Sutch raving about media scape . Dans on life like me !!
Mick Mullane podcasting vodcasting and doing good stuff look out Mlearn in Melbourne he is coming your way !!!
Geoff Stead and Jo Colley of Tribal
The guys from Wildkey handheld stuff back to my green environment roots.
meeting up with mike Short of O2
The texting in of questions wonder where they got that idea from !!!!!

Down sides the apalling wifi get it together at the Oval !!
Not enough coffee !!

see the flickr photo stream excuse the dodgy shots but no time to edit !!

Absaloutely exhausted only one day and handhelds going to be three if you havent booked for handheld why the heck not . Be there or be a complete munchkin !!

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