Friday, September 14, 2007

Teachers TV School Matters - Mobile Phones, Mobile Minds

Mobile going mainstream I predicted back in January well its more speed to the the current. Thanks to Graham for pointing this out. I suspect but don't know that teachers TV will be around at Handheld Learning conference in early October .School Matters - Mobile Phones, Mobile Mindsclass="MsoNormal">Teachers TV more mobile

Next showing on TV: Fri 14th Sep 09:00, Fri 14th Sep 12:00, Fri 14th Sep 16:30


A look at the world of young people with mobile phones, and the impact on schools and education.

Owning a mobile is becoming an indispensable element of young people's lives, for both teenagers and increasingly primary age children, all around the world.

Are mobile phones a force for good, or an example of technology gone awry? Is it sensible to ban their use in schools or should this device be given a place in lessons and learning?

Havent had a chance to watch it yet but looks good.

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