Wednesday, September 19, 2007

In the wild two Matt Locke Commissioning Editor, New Media Channel 4

The session on looking at transfering media into new spaces

  • secret spaces
  • group spaces
  • publishing spaces
  • performing spaces
  • participation marches meeting and markets 3 M's
  • watching spaces
The idea that blurring publishing space that is provate that what is public
The idea of sharing who you think you are and how you think you know.
Rehearsing identities Used the idea of community radio a few years ago that was limited time slot that you can do now on the internet all the time.
sharing their skills
feeling being part of a crowd and publishing that feeling onlne via video sound text common crowd experiences

This session Matt Locke talked of the new kind of content that channel 4 are looking to commission he showed this as an example of kind of stuff they are looking at though this isnt there work basically a scenario around a world that has had an oil crash and the approach people joined up and wrote about the effect on them and their life . users did things like design tool of an itterative quest a mission . For example have
a)party that people get to on foot or by public transport
b)cooking a m al using only local ingredients

If channel 4 are going down this route its going to be really one to watch

He gave the idea of relaxing and giving things away
Messy is good
that isnt the new way
Make your audience your heroes audiences don't have to have winners
Immerse yourself interesting views on second life but looking in now and again to see if its evolved .

greats session poorly blogged will clean it up later . Thanks Matt

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