Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Toshiba working with Education community

I think this is nearly an exclusive !!!!

Toshiba working with Education community .

The news is the G900 smartphone which is gaining ground/cache with business community is being re worked by suppliers after trialling with educational sector. The reason for this re working is unclear but rumours abound of a clamshell G910
version with yet more bells and whistles.

The existing G900 device looks really nice and supports lovely features
  • Connectivity Wi-Fi ,GSM , 3G , HSDPA and bluetooth technologies
  • Security - built in fingerprint sensor and fingerprint launcher. Keeps the product secure and lets you launch applications at the swipe of finger.
  • Display super bright 800x480 screen . On most webpages, you can see full width. The teleport function allows you to see what's on your G900 on your PC .
  • Keyboard/Input . the one on screen is really responsive and the slide out keyboard is compact but great and usb and WiFi allow differing input devices to be connected .
  • Mobile goodies the Usual
  • Browser Choice Opera as well IE as a browse
I haven't run specialist Apps.

Some companies forget what a hard time learners give devices running high end content in challenging conditions and just supply often there low end devices. Nice to see someone trialling devices before widespread release.

The fact Tosh is listening to and working with developers in the
education area is really interesting and some other manufacturers
hoping to penetrate the education space could take note.

Looking forward to seeing what those boffins at Toshiba come up with !!!