Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mobile Education article in the Guardian

Major piece by guardian on mobile learning . Amazingly my quote is viewed as a dissenting voice.

But of course there are one or two dissenting voices. Andy Black, mobile technologies adviser for the government ICT in education agency, Becta, warns: "We are seeing a divide between schools and further and higher education in the use of mobile technology. Schools follow the Stevens report for the Department of Health in 2005 - Mobile Phones and Health - that recommends use of mobiles for children should be minimised." But he says FE and HE take a more pragmatic view: "They realise the penetration of mobiles among young people is enormous. There is an emerging body of evidence that mobile learning technology is highly motivational."

Regular readers will know my passion for the use of mobile technology with learners. Really interesting read available online but I am off to buy a hard copy. Huge plug for Hand Held Learning conference.


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